Translation of Documents

All documents submitted to the College as part of the application process must be in either English or French. This includes documents that come to the College directly from the official source (e.g., course transcripts should come to the College directly from the school that offered the program of study in question).

In instances where the College receives documents from official sources that are not in English or French, the College will send copies of the document(s) in question to the applicant, who will then be responsible for arranging translation of the document(s) by an approved translator.

The translation process

When the College receives an original document in a language other than English or French, it will provide the applicant with a copy of that document for translation.

The applicant may then choose one of several options: request a translated copy from the official source that created the document; request a translation from a consulate, high commission or embassy; or have the document translated by an accredited translator.

Official Source

In some instances, the official source (e.g., a school, an employer or a health regulatory body) may be able to provide applicants with translated copies of the document in question. If that is the case, please ensure the source sends the translated document directly to the College.

Consulates, High Commission and Embassies

The College also accepts translations from:

  • the consulate, high commission or embassy (in Canada) of the country that issued the document(s)
  • a Canadian consulate, high commission or embassy in the country from which the document(s) originated 

Translation Services

If it is not possible to receive a translated copy of the document from the official source or a government body, the College will accept documents translated by certified translators.

All translations must be accompanied by an original statement from the translator that affirms:

  • the translation is accurate and authentic
  • the translator is an accredited member of a provincial association, society or corporation
  • the identification number and/or seal, name, address and telephone number of the translator
  • the printed name and original signature of the translator

After the translation is completed, the applicant must then arrange to have the translated document sent back to the College by the translator.

The Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC) provides links to translators who are certified through a provincial association or other organization that is a member of CTTIC. To find an accredited translator, contact the specific provincial association or organization directly.

For those requiring translation services in Quebec, contact the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) to find an accredited translator.

When you contact the provincial association/organization that certifies the translator, make sure to confirm the translator is certified to translate into English or French from the original language of the document. The College will not accept translations completed by candidates for certification.

Remember: The College does not return documents it receives as part of the application process, so remember to keep copies of all documents that you submit as part of your application.





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