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Leadership in nursing practice

How can I become a better leader in my nursing practice?

All nurses, regardless of role or title, are leaders. Nurses lead every single day in all practice settings.

Nurses lead when they:

  • Advocate for patients. From advocating for a patient’s specific care goals to speaking up for vulnerable patients who may be in danger, nurses look out for their patients. 
  • Identify risks to patient safety. Nurses put patients first, even when it’s challenging to do so.
  • Advocate for quality practice settings. Nurses work as a team to create policy changes when necessary to support safe patient care.
  • Share their knowledge. Nurses collaborate with other care providers, including students and those who are new to the profession or practice setting.

Being self-reflective and committed to life-long learning is a critical part of providing the safe, quality care to patients. This is why all nurses engage in daily practice reflection and participate in quality assurance activities throughout their careers.

To enhance your ability to provide safe, patient-centred care, reflect on your leadership abilities:

  • How does my practice align with the leadership expectations outlined in the standards?
  • What does nursing leadership mean to me?
  • How am I developing as a leader?
  • How can I maximize my leadership potential?
  • What are the opportunities for leadership in my practice setting?
  • What sources of feedback can I seek to inform my nursing practice?

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Page last reviewed June 07, 2022