Medical Assistance in Dying

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Effective Jan. 1, 2023, the following changes to MAID reporting requirements will occur:

  • MAID providers will be required to report all MAID deaths by completing a new electronic reporting tool – the MAID Death Report (MDR).  The MDR will be available on the Central Forms Repository by Jan. 3, 2023. MAID deaths that occur Jan. 1 or 2, 2023 can be reported directly to the Office of the Chief Coroner (OCC) at 416 314 4100 or 1 855 299 4100. 
  • The MDR must be completed and submitted by the next business day after the MAID death. 
  • Direct verbal reporting of certain MAID deaths will be required immediately after the death prior to the completion of the Medical Certificate of Death. These are deaths where injury, accident or fall may have contributed to the death. 
  • preliminary assessors for MAID must report cases where the person requesting MAID is ineligible Please read Health Canada’s guidance document  on reporting MAID.  
Timeline of Medical Assistance in Dying law

For more information, read the Guidance on Nurses’ Roles in Medical Assistance in Dying.

Documentation Tools for NPs

NPs are accountable to meet the expectations for documentation outlined in the Documentation and Nurse Practitioner practice standards. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has developed clinician aids to support the provision of medical assistance in dying. These clinician aids include forms that can be used by NPs to document that the legal requirements for medical assistance in dying have been met. You can access these forms through the following links:

Additional Resources
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