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Practice Reflection

CNO acknowledges the exceptional circumstances the pandemic continues to bring to the nursing profession. During these difficult and challenging times, nurses have been asked to adapt quickly and do more than ever before. This has likely impacted your practice in unexpected ways.

Reflection is a part of your professional QA obligations. The following questions are intended to help you reflect on your experience this year and support you in identifying areas in your practice for your continued learning.

1. How did your experience this year impact your practice?

    • What experiences stand out to you? (for example, redeployment, pandemic response, changes in practice). 
    • Did you take on additional responsibilities?
    • Did you experience any challenges? If so, what were they? How did you manage them? 

2. What changed, if anything, in terms of how you do your work? 

    • Provide examples of changes you noted for yourself, others (for example, patients, clients, colleagues, students, the public), your practice setting and the overall health care system?
    • Why were/are these changes important
    • How did you adapt to these changes? 

3. What learning opportunities did you identify through your experiences that you can apply moving forward? 

    • What did you learn that you will continue to use throughout your practice? 

4. Based on your reflection, what areas of your nursing knowledge, skill and judgment can you identify needing professional development? 

    • How will addressing these areas help you maintain or improve your nursing knowledge, skills or judgment? 
    • Which areas in your knowledge, skill and judgement are the most important to address and carry forward in your Quality Assurance this year?
Page last reviewed January 20, 2022